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Vintage photography plays a major part of culture and society, and is one of the most beautiful forms of photography and art. It defines the high quality of the past, and influences hundreds of ideas and forms of art and entertainment. Vintage photographs record historical events, famous people and ancient relics. Purchasing vintage photographs, for personal use or as a gift, is a fantastic idea - they will be appreciated for a lifetime.

Plâté features a unique collection of historic and vintage photographs, which have been discovered in archives, historical societies and memorabilia auctions. Our archives contain a vast array of vintage photos in sepia tone and colour during the 1890’s period in Sri Lanka or Ceylon as it was known back then.

Our vintage photograph compilation includes those of renowned people and places. We have many photographs of street scenes, ancient buildings and monuments, places of religious worship, ancient cities and ruins, ports and harbours from all parts of Ceylon. We also have a wonderful collection of scenes from Up Country, tea plantations and factories, rivers and bridges and the railway system from back in the day.

No vintage group would be complete without industrial photographs, especially in Sri Lanka. Plâté features a vast collection of vintage photography of several industries famous in the island such as tea, rubber, coconut, paddy and cinnamon. With the pearl fishery and fishing industry, gem mining trade, coir, lace and pottery industry and more – our vintage collection is very unique.

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